Elisa Cotton

Elisa Cotton

VA Loan Specialist


509.321.3278 or 360.571.5626

4601 NE 77th Ave Suite 100 Vancouver, WA  98662

Position: VA Loan Specialist

While I have worked many facets of this industry; from processing and underwriting to the title side, not only can I explain a loan to you in detail I know how to make your application look super tidy so that it flies through underwriting with no surprises. While other loan officers may look at you as merely a client, I see long term friendships. I came back to Creekside as they share my vision and passion with helping our military men and women to be set up for long term financial success as well as offering an avenue for financial education for your home ownership goals.

As an Air Force veteran with over 20 years experience closing loans as well as a mother of two grown children, one of them being an Air Force veteran as well, I want to make sure that everyone understands their VA eligibility and how to best utilize it to meet their home loan needs. 

When I am not working with you to accomplish your home loan expectations I enjoy kayaking and hiking with my kids and their significant others, or my puppies. When it is super cold and windy I enjoy books on financial education and personal growth. I also volunteer with my local American Legion and other local veteran non-profits. When I have additional free time I also teach financial education with Dave Ramsey.