VA Loan Paperwork


  1. 2017 and 2018 Federal Tax returns, W2s, and 1099 statements
  2. Most current pay-stubs totaling 30 days
  3. Most recent bank statements totaling 2 months
  4. Most recent statements on investment accounts (401k, IRA’s, stocks, bonds, CD’s, etc)
  5. Copy of Driver’s License
  6. Copy of Social Security Card
  7. DD214 (active duty), NGB22 (National Guard), NAVMC 78 (Navy and Marine reservists), NAVCG 2510 (Coast Guard) Discharge paperwork for military time served
  8. Rent verification (if renting), Contact information for management company, or 12 months cancelled checks for private part landlords
  9. If refinancing: Insurance agent contact information and copy of current policy
  10. If Bankrupt in the last 7 years, complete Bankruptcy and discharge papers (all schedules)
  11. If divorced: Copy of divorce decree
  12. If you own additional real estate such as rental property: Include lease agreement, insurance policy, most recent county tax statement, and mortgage statement
  13. For purchase transactions: Include a copy of your earnest money check, and supporting documentation (bank statement and liquidation paperwork for funds withdrawn)


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