The VA Home Loan purchase is arguably the best loan program available for buying a home. The program is designed to help eligible active duty military, veterans, and surviving spouses qualify for a home. As a country, we understand that the circumstances many of you find yourselves in after military service can make it difficult to qualify for a mortgage. With that in mind, the VA loan program was created.

There has been a bit of a misunderstanding about the VA program and how slow the process can take.  A lot of Lenders don’t fully understand the VA program because of this misconception.  However, in today’s world and with the right lender a VA loan can have the same closing times as a traditional home loan, or in some cases be even faster.

First Step

First, you’ll likely want to get in contact with two different real estate experts. A mortgage lender/broker and a realtor. We have you covered as far as the loan financing is concerned, but you’ll need to find a good realtor who is familiar with the VA home loan program. We can help you there too with a list of preferred realtors.

The realtor will need to understand the VA program so that he/she can save you on closing costs and ensure that the home you’re seeking will meet VA guidelines. The lender/broker needs to be knowledgeable about the VA program because there are some very specific guidelines that if not understood could end up causing the sale to fall through.


Once you get a good lender and realtor, you’ll want to get prequalified. This allows you to find the maximum amount of money you are likely to be able to borrow to buy a home. Getting a prequalification letter and showing it to a seller shows the seller you’re serious about the offer. To get prequalified, you’ll need to bring in documents that help the lender understand your financial situation.

House Hunting

After being prequalified, you’ll be ready to find that dream home. This is where your VA experienced realtor steps in. He/she will help you find the home that is the best fit for your needs and budget. Once a home is located and you have an accepted offer and a signed purchase agreement, you’ll be ready to start wrapping up the process.  Remember it is imperative to work with a real estate agent who is familiar and knowledgeable with the VA guidelines so they can help you save money on closing costs.

Closing and Processing of the VA Loan

Your lender (hopefully us) will, under your direction, lock in your interest rate and will work on your behalf for the bank’s approval. Assuming the inspection, appraisal, etc. all go well, you will be ready to sign your final documents and be the proud owner of a new home.