Believe it or not, someone is going to jail and we need your help to decide who!

Creekside Mortgage, Inc is trying to raise money to help children and adults with muscle disease in our community.

To raise money we are going to put either Pam Conrad or Jake Dold in jail. You get to decide! After the decision has been made, we will then try to raise bail to get them out. While it won’t be real jail, it will be a lot of fun and it will help out a lot of people.

We want to raise $1600 to help people with muscular dystrophy. You can donate in advance by clicking here or visiting

Here’s the story:

On the outside Pam seems like your average law abiding citizen, but she has her secrets. You should be careful while walking outside in the rain.

Charges being brought against Pam:

Pam is being accused of seven counts of dancing in the rain when no one was looking, three counts of taking the last piece of candy from the front desk, and two counts of drinking the last of the milk and putting it back in the refrigerator.

Sure, he seems like an innocent young man, but watch your back. He may surprise you as you turn the corner.

Charges being brought against Jake:

Jake is being accused of 473 counts of jumping out and scaring people when they least expect it, three counts of leaving the lights on in the front room, and two counts of spiking the holiday punch with spicy sauce.