Well its Monday morning after the Super Bowl that matched the Indianapolis Colts against the New Orleans Saints.  What can we gain from the game?? Well……for beginners an attitude of not quiting…… the Indianapolis Colts were expected to win and I for one thought like many that Payton Manning and Company would come out to the field and take care of business and go home with another Super Bowl victory, and trophy.   Like most watchers of the game if you did watch the game, after the first quarter it looked like it could be a LONG day for Saints.  Manning and company were methodical as they marched down the field with precision. 

However the Saints never lied down.  The Saints dug down deep and were actually making gutsy calls, going for it on a fourth and goal from the 2 or 3 yard line.  The Saints did not make it into the endzone……they were stuffed at the goal line.  But they had more to give.  The second half began with an onside kick that the Saints recovered and thats when things started to look up for the Saints.  The bold decision paid off as they scored and were hanging in the game.  Payton Manning threw an interception later in the game that was run back for a touchdown and basically all but sealed the Deal. 

What looked like in the beginning of the game, a really tough and long day for New Orleans Saints ended up being a lesson in resilience.  The Saints never quit fighting.  The coaching staff did not waiver on calling aggressive calls.  The same can be said for professionals in the Mortgage or Real Estate industry.  For the minute you give up on yourself or the game, you’ll be heading down a long and dark road.  Putting in the hours, practicing and creating great habits, as well as educating yourself and staying educated are but some of the necessary items required to have any success.  You have to lay down a substantial foundation for any type of successful business to stand on in the long run.  So make a commitment to yourself and to your upper management.  Be proactive in setting goals, write them down and read them multiple times per day.  Visualize what it is you want to achieve, and dont be shy about letting those goals include your family, and your outside of work life.  Being a professional in the Mortgage or Real Estate industry is all about making the most of your time.  Use your time wisely.  Make as little mistakes as possible, and when you do,  make sure that you fully understand what you did wrong and learn from your misfortunes if you have them.   Now get excited, that always helps and seize the day !!!!

Kevin J. Lawson