You may have noticed an uptick of activity from Creekside Mortgage, Inc. over the past few months when it comes to social media. This is in part due to the presence of a marketing specialist in the company, but due in large part to the fact that we believe social media is important.

Today, our marketing specialist, Ashleigh Simons, sat down with Stephen Granmo of NW Service Realty (watch for blog posts from Stephen coming soon) to discuss how best to use social media to stay connected with prior clients and hot best to connect with our future clients.

What it all boils down to is that we believe social media is the way to connect with others, especially Veterans and share what we may be able to do for them. And, if we’ve already had the opportunity to service a particular Veteran, we want to stay connected (we love when people write on our Facebook wall!).

While we know that not everyone is a part of the social media craze, we hope to reach you through the following services: