Last Friday was a great day.  I had the wonderful privilege of volunteering at my daughters school under the the Watch DOGS (dads of great students) program.  Its an amazing program run around the entire United States founded by a father with a vision.  Through an adverse situation at his childs school this amazing gentleman realized that there needed to be a more prominent male role in the schools across America.  So the vision that was Watch Dogs became a reality.   There is such a program in nearly every school today.  Its such a huge success that it should be mandatory, but that is not the case.  Believe it or not there IS resistance in some situations. 

I have now witnessed first hand what the children and faculty gain by allowing fathers to come into their childs school, and volunteer for a day of  Watch DOGS.  Its amazing, the kids interact with you far beyond your expectations…….your looked up to and most if not all of the teachers and staff appreciate what it is your doing too.  I have hit on a common thread here the last couple of posts here and that commonality is giving back………Community…getting involved and volunteering…….getting in touch wtih the pulse of your town or county in which you reside.  If we all did a little bit of this it would make such a tremendous impact in where we live and it would only spread from there.  This stuff is contagious I’m telling you.  It really is.  For there is so much enjoyment out of being around children and seeing all those smiling faces and adorable personalities.  If you come across a  little one that is not so happy, and you so happen to engage them and find out what is wrong, you have the ability to change that unhappiness into happiness…..for some children have no male role model so for them maybe the Watch DOG has a huge impact on their life. 

Thats what its all about.  Making a difference.  Impacting a childs life for the better.  Treating people right.  Giving back to the community.  If your busy, thats fantastic.  Make a half day out of it to give it a shot.  You’ll soon wish you were signed up for the full day.  Myself, I cannot wait to get  back to my daughters school to be a Watch Dog for the day again. 
Kevin J. Lawson