The property tax exemption for 100% VA disabled veterans in Washington State was originally written as RCW84.36.379-84.36.389. Thislaw was written in the State of Washington to allow 100% VA disabled Veterans to be exempt from property taxes. The problem with this bill today is that a Veteran who receives 100% VA disability also exceeds the income cap of $35,000 per year.

As I see this bill, the way it was written, it eliminates any Veteran from being compensated, or exempt from paying taxes on their property.

I think this is something that needs to be revisited by the legislation in the State of Washington to correct that gap. They should either not cunt disability in income, or revise the income limits to fit the current numbers. Obviously in the next few years, Veterans’ disability incomes will not be increased due to federal budgetary issues. What they are making right now with inflationary factors, the last thing we want to do is tax a 100% service-connected disabled Veteran out of their house.

Kerry N. Greenwald

Sr. VA  Loan Specialist

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