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January 24, 2024-SW Washington Starts Taking Advantage of the Lower Rates  

Hey SW Washington, it’s Kerry Greenwald here, your NW VA Guy. What’s been going on around Clark County, Cowlitz County, and in between lately? Recently we’ve seen a couple of people who have lived in Portland, Oregon for years and they have just had enough. They are jumping across that river and coming into Washington looking for more opportunity. They end up paying almost the same mortgage payment as they were a rent payment, and they get to own the home.  VA, putting $0 down, is still a hot commodity. Another cool thing happening in Clark County is that the rates have started to drop pretty dramatically. A lot of people that bought VA over the last 2 years are looking for opportunities where they can go through and save money. With the VA IRRRL, you can skip 2 months payments, there is no appraisal, no income evaluation and you can take advantage of following the interest rates all the way down. We have a bunch of people who bought new construction in Ridgefield, Woodland, Battle Ground, or Camas and now they’re going through and doing the restructure on it. It’s a really big product that is coming back as the rates continue to fall. I’ve lived here almost my whole life in Ridgefield, Washington, and it’s very important for me to go through and preach “local, local, local. Veteran, Veteran, Veteran.” Have a great week! 

November 22nd, 2023-It’s the Perfect Time to Buy a Spec Home in SW Washington  

Hey SW Washington, it’s Kerry Greenwald, your NW VA Guy. So, what’s new here in PNW? The market activity in our area continues to be great. The one thing that I am noticing a lot right now is there are a lot of spec homes being built. That is where builders take advantage of building a home, the home is brand new, and buyers can basically buy a brand-new home that is already completed. Buyers are getting amazing deals right now on these spec homes. I’ve seen kickbacks and incentives to go through and buy the rates down, go towards closing, and even pay off debts. It’s like buying that brand new car at a discounted rate. Spec homes are really the way to go. When you go through and have something built, you are obviously waiting 6-9 months for that property to be completed. On these spec homes, you can close in 30 days. So, finding something in that Ridgefield, WA, Battle Ground, WA, and Camas, WA area that is an existing property, is really a great opportunity. I do think rates are going to continue to slide as we finish up this year. We are going to have our slower periods going through December, January, and February, but I think once rates catch up and economic factors start happening the market is going to turn. So, there is definitely no better time to buy just as I have been saying for the last few weeks. I highly encourage you to get into the market right now and take advantage of being able to get the seller to give you back incentives and get a lower rate. Everything is kind of a perfect storm right now. Any individual questions please reach out to my team and me. As I have done throughout my whole career, we are here to help you whether it’s 2 weeks, 2 months, or 2 years. We will get you into the position to buy that house at fully our cost. Have a great week and Happy Thanksgiving! 


11/13/2023-SW Washington-Rates are dropping and it is creating a perfect storm.  

 Hey SW Washington, Kerry Greenwald here your NW VA Guy. We are in the midst of November and last week the Fed came out and basically dictated that they don’t expect raising rates again before the end of this year. The new jobs report came out and the unemployment number went up. These factors have pushed rates down dramatically. This is going to affect everyone nationwide, but it will tremendously affect us here locally all over SW Washington. Rates went down by almost .85%, in just a one-week period. This is the biggest drop I’ve seen in virtually over a year. It’s still a buyers’ market, but what’s going to happen is the sellers are going to catch up to this news and things will change quickly. Until that happens, right now is the best time to buy. You’re getting things at a lower premiums right now and sellers are still willing to contribute a large amount of seller paids to closing. Really, it’s the perfect storm. You are getting a lower interest rate and then on top of that, you have sellers willing to kick in funds. It will all flip dramatically back to a seller’s market if this trend continues, and rates keep dropping. As I said, it’s a perfect storm. Rates are coming down and prices are actually dropping. As soon as those two things cross each other, prices will start going back up because of inventory issues. Right now, I am seeing people paying less for their house payment than they are paying in rent. You can control your payment and build your own wealth. If rates continue to drop, you can go through and take advantage of the VA Interest Rate Reduction Refinance where you restructure your loan and follow the rate down. It isn’t a full refinance, and an appraisal is not needed. We look forward to talking with you!  



10/26/23-SW Washington-Take Advantage of the Hot Buyers’ Market in SW Washington before it Flips  

 Hey SW Washington, it’s Kerry Greenwald coming at you, your NW VA Guy. Today I am here talking about all things VA in SW Washington. New Construction is definitely the way to go right now in the Ridgefield, WA area due to that expansion happening. A lot of builders have built spec houses where the construction is virtually completed. So, you can go through and purchase a brand-new house that’s already done. We’re also seeing left and right buyers getting the builder to contribute up to 4% seller concessions on VA. This is what I call a buyers’ market. It’s definitely beneficial for you to go through and ask for that when you’re buying a house right now. At our end we are seeing appraisals come in $5K, $10K, or $15K above sales price so you can incorporate the 4% into the sales price. Buyers are using these seller paid’s to pay off debt, credit cards, etc. Obviously, the best thing is going to be to use those funds to buy down the interest rate and you’re able to do that on all these products. This area is definitely booming, booming, booming right now. We have a lot of contracts coming through right now. We have some in the Camas area, and other spots around Clark County. We are lucky to be one of the few places in the United States that is still booming while other places are slowing. I’ll say this again, it is absolutely a buyers’ market right now more than a seller’s. I think that will continue through this winter. The second we see rates peak and they start coming down, it’s going to flip really quick and be back to a seller’s market. My guess is that this will happen mid-next year. So, this is your opportunity, I can assure you that. Please reach out to my team and I, we are always here to help.   

10/18/23-SW Washington-It’s a Buyers’ Market in SW Washington  

 Hey, it’s Kerry Greenwald, your NW VA Guy here talking to you about Southwest Washington. I know I sound like a broken record, and I say this every time, but we are still booming in this area. Rates keep ticking up gradually, yet more and more transactions are happening. We’ve seen builders more willing to give buyers compensation to help assist in buying a house. You can use those concessions to pay off credit cards, pay off car loans, or help buy down the interest rate. Seller concessions have not been something we have consistently seen in years, but it truly is a buyer’s market right now. As a consumer, you can take advantage of this situation and basically have them give you extra proceeds to buy your house with. As soon as rates start coming down, and they will, it’s going to be hard for us veterans to get offers accepted. Once you get 2,3,4,5 offers on the house, they are going to take the cash offer or the conventional offer first. So, right now is the best time to go through and buy. You’re going to get a great deal on the price of a house. We’ve seen over and over again all over Clark County appraisals coming in high. We had one in Ridgefield, Washington and two in Battle Ground, Washington and in every situation, the appraisal came in well over excess of what the person was buying the house for. I haven’t seen that happen so often in years. So, people are definitely getting amazing deals right now. Don’t hesitate to reach out to myself or my team. We would love to go through and help you.  

Southwest Washington – October 10th, 2023 -How will the Events in the Middle East Effect Interest Rates

Hey SW Washington, it’s Kerry Greenwald, your NW VA Guy. Today I am coming to you talking about what’s going on in our local market. The events that have taken place this past weekend in the Middle East have changed the trajectory we have been seeing on interest rates lately. We’ve had almost 40 plus days in a row of rates increasing gradually. Coming into Monday of this week and now again today, we’ve seen rates decreasing a bit. A lot of that has to do with the activity over the weekend and everything else that is ticking up, like fuel prices. As far as interest rates go, bad news is good news for rates. Although we definitely hope that things subside. The two main conflicts going on in the world right now with Ukraine and Russia and then what’s going on in the Middle East, are definitely not good things at all. But it’s going to have an overall effect with what interest rates go through and do. It is important to recognize everything going on here in town. We just got a massive seller concession on a transaction here in Ridgefield, Washington. The other cool thing is we can lock on a really short-term lock period and close really fast. We have appraisals coming in incredibly quickly. We ordered one on Friday and the report was in by Monday. I’ve been doing this for over 28 years, and I’ve never seen that before. It’s obviously a sign that the industry is pretty slow, but to be able to turn and burn an appraisal in a one-day period is historic. The crazy thing is we have been seeing this happen all over the place. So, we’ve got short term locks, closing quickly, and sellers are willing to pay for virtually everything through seller concessions. I think that will continue here in Clark County and the surrounding areas like Woodland, Battle Ground, Camas, and Washougal, Washington. All of these surrounding areas are going to be a great place to buy because you can get hefty seller concessions and there aren’t the multiple offers going on that we had been seeing. So please reach out to my team and I. We always love to go through and help. 

SW Washington-September 27th, 2023-Will the Federal Government Shut-Down Effect Our Local Market?  

 Hey Clark County, Washington it’s Kerry Greenwald, your NW VA Guy. I’m coming to you another week with more information about our current market. So, what’s on the horizon? There’s not a lot of economic news that comes out this week, but the elephant in the room is what is going to happen if the Fed goes through and shuts down over the weekend? What’s next week going to be like? We’re seeing a little bit of scare factors going on. Rates are kind of pushing up right now with anticipation of what’s going to happen next week. I’ve been through many shutdowns in my 28 years in this industry and relatively nothing really ever happens during the shutdowns. A lot of saber-rattling, a lot of fear factors and nothing really ever took place. The cool thing about VA is it’s automated for the most part. Certificate of Eligiblities come through automated now and only in the rare cases do you have to have the VA do a secondary signature. That’s the only time it has ever been an issue and that is one out of every 1,000 transactions. Appraisals are also for the most part all automated. Everything else just continues to flow as normal. So, I really don’t see anything going through and stopping here in Clark County. Stuff is really cooking right now. We have transactions going on all around and I think that vibe will continue moving forward. I think heading into the 4th quarter of this year it’s going to be a hot market for us to take advantage of. Holding off or waiting is not always a good idea. You never know what next year or the year after is going to look like. On VA, you also always have the ability to do a restructuring loan once rates start to fall back down. Buying the house at a certain price point is definitely recommended. So please reach out to me, Kerry Greenwald, or anyone on my team at Creekside Mortgage. We would love to go through and help you! 


Southwest Washington – September 26th, 2023 – Don’t sleep on Longview, WA

Hey Longview and Kelso, Washington. Today I want to talk to you about what’s going on in this area. It hasn’t really grown a lot in the last 20-30 years, but there is definitely potential to grow. It’s a lot more desirable area cost wise than what it is in Clark County. There is a big opportunity to find something reasonably priced there. Industry is coming back. Some of the lumber industry and paper mill has slowed down a little bit and deteriorated, but there’s a lot of growth and capability in that area. We’ve seen a lot of transactions happening in Longview and Kelso just due to the difference in the cost of housing. It’s also turning into a commuter city. In order to get to Portland, Oregon or Vancouver, Washington you just jump onto the I-5 Corridor. The bridge access to go across into Oregon makes it almost as quick as if you lived in different areas within Vancouver. So, Cowlitz County is going to continue to be hot for VA transactions. Defiently reach out to me and my team. Our passion is Veterans helping Veterans and I am very passionate to see this area grow and grow in the right way. We would love to go through and help you out.     


Southwest Washington – September 5th, 2023 – The Market is Still Hot and Brokers are Still Better

Hey Clark County, it’s Kerry Greenwald coming at you, your NW VA Guy. Today I want to talk a little bit more about what’s happening within our local market. It’s going to be an interesting week. We’ve seen rates kind of tick up a little bit in the last few days after that 3-day weekend. This is not necessarily a good thing, but we’re seeing certain economic factors start to slow down. I think the next few weeks are going to be very interesting. We have jobless claims coming out on Thursday and that’s going to indicate whether rates will go up or down. Banks right now are going to be under a lot of pressure in what they go through and lend versus what capital they have on hand. So that’s creating a little bit of a ripple effect because a lot of people just naturally go to their bank to seek financing. This is another good reason to come to us as a broker. We can go through channels that have the option to either sell those loans or consume them. We may be able to do things at better premiums or find better products for you. So, definitely continue to reach out to us for that.  


Overall market conditions right now in Clark County, it’s still hot. I know I sound like a broken record, but you’ve still got multiple offers being submitted on properties. I do think things are going to start getting a little unique. I think we will start seeing more seller concessions and more opportunities to use those concessions to buy rates down. So, Vancouver and really all of the surrounding areas are going to continue to be a sought-out place to come. I was driving around this weekend and I can’t believe how many Florida license plates I saw in addition to California. Of course, Oregonians are still coming across the river to save on those taxes as well. Bigger states are obviously moving into our state, and I think that is going to continue. I hope life is good, please reach out to me and my team. We would love to go through and help you out.  


Southwest Washington – August 23rd, 2023 – VA Home Loans

Hey Clark County, I’m Kerry Greenwald, your NW VA Guy. Another week I’m coming at you to talk about what an awesome week it’s been. Rates seem to be improving a little bit which is always a positive sign. There has also been just a tremendous amount of VA purchase transactions coming in from all over Clark County. It’s been overwhelming and awesome. A lot of people have been looking for houses for a long time. We have one buyer that just went into contract who had been looking for over a year and a half for a house. It’s exciting that they were finally able to narrow it down. So, things are definitely happening right now. When other certain factors have started to slow down, VA has actually picked up dramatically. More people are willing to go through and accept VA transactions and I think that’s going to continue. We absolutely love it. I hate to say it, but although rates improving is great news, it’s going to bring a bigger influx of people who are ready to go through and do something. The problem is, there is still no inventory. You get a house on the market that is priced right, it’s going to sell extremely fast with multiple offers and that’s not going to change. If anything, going into this winter we are going to see more of this boom. We’ve been doing transactions all over Clark County from Camas, to Vancouver, to Battle Ground. Hopefully that will continue and we will keep taking those transactions. My team and I are here for you so don’t hesitate to reach out.  

Southwest Washington – August 16th, 2023 – VA Home LoansThe Market Slowdown is Good for VA Buyers  

 Kerry Greenwald here, Sr. VA Loan Specialist and your NW VA Guy. I’m coming at you this week in SW Washington to talk about what’s going on in the market. As we all know, rates are going up right now so it’s going to slow the market down in the upcoming weeks. As a buyer, I am giving you some insight into what you are able to do because of this. When the market slows down, it opens more opportunities to try and suggest that sellers help pay more towards your closing costs and potentional rate buydown. I think this is what we are going to see start to happen in our local market. I also think we are going to see a few darker days ahead before things start to change. There’s just not enough supply. I saw some numbers come out that showed next year the majority of the transactions are going to have to be new construction because people that are below that 3% interest rate just don’t want to get rid of their houses, for obvious reasons. There is just no inventory so trying to find an existing property is really hard. If people are having a difficult time selling a house, you as a consumer might have more options, like I said, to get them to contribute money to closing. So that is the big thing in SW Washington right now and I think it will continue to be a big thing. As we start to go into fall and winter, there’s going to be an opportunity there to take advantage of the market slow down. When rates do start to drop, values are going to start increasing again just because there is no supply, no availability of houses. So, if you can get into the market right now, I definitely suggest it. Hope that helps and don’t hesitate to reach out to me or my team for any of your home buying needs.  

Southwest Washington – August 9th, 2023 – VA Home Loans – Clark County

Hey Clark County, it’s Kerry Greenwald coming at you another week. So, what’s new in Clark County? We’ve been closing quite a few VA transactions in this area. We just did one in Washougal, Washington that we closed seamlessly in about 3 weeks. We also closed another one up in La Center, Washington. On average, we are seeing VA interest rates in the mid 6% range. This is a great improvement from where they were not that long ago. I definitely think that is a positive thing moving forward for Clark County and all of Southwest Washington. The market here is still hot, still multiple offers coming across. We’ve seen a little bit of slow down in the Portland, Oregon market, but yet we still have not seen that happening in the Clark County market. Especially with anything under $600K. That price range is still a hot topic and selling relatively quickly. Ridgefield, Washington will still continue to be the hottest market as it has been for a while. Woodland, Washington is seeing the same thing. We’ve also seen some traction happening in Battle Ground, Washington and of course Vancouver, WA as a whole. These areas will continue to be viable in the growth of Clark County. Please reach out to me and my team and have a great week 

Southwest Washington – July 25th, 2023 – VA Home Loans – Ridgefield, WA – Booming Area

Hey Clark County, Washington. Kerry Greenwald here, your NW VA Guy and owner of Creekside Mortgage. I’m coming at you another week talking about what’s going on with VA stuff in Clark County. We still have multiple offers going through on most houses, so Clark County is still very hot. I’m not going to deny that. It’s tough right now to go through and find a house to buy because there is just not enough inventory. We are trying to build and keep up, but we just can’t keep up with the influx of people moving into this area. As always, the #1 ranked category of people moving here is still from California. Ranked #2 right behind them is Oregon. That’s where the biggest influx of people are coming from. Our state’s really attractive for anyone that wants to retire here or anyone trying to avoid income tax. Your biggest booming areas are going to continue to be Ridgefield, Washington. I think you are going to look at Ridgefield here is the coming years and it’s going to absolutely explode. If you look on an aerial map and see how big that area is along the I-5 corridor, it’s just going to continue to be a very attractive area. I think this is going to continue all the way up north outside of Clark County into Cowlitz County. Cowlitz County is going to be a big deal just because of the cost difference up there. You’re paying $150K less than what you would be paying in Clark County for a house. People coming from California are used to driving a longs way to work so that’s not going to be a big deal for them. Another area to look at is Camas, Washington and all the way out into the Columbia Gorge. Washougal, Washington has been similar to Ridgefield to a certain extent. They are kind of landlocked because of the hills and water, but that area will continue to go through and grow. You can also look all the way out to Battle Ground, Washington and Hockinson where the growth is continuing. I think those different areas will continue to be hotbeds.


We are here for you at Creekside Mortgage so definitely reach out to us for anything VA or otherwise. We would love to go through and help you!

Southwest Washington – July 18th, 2023 – VA Home Loans – Vancouver, WA – Clark County Hot Market

Kerry Greenwald here, the Northwest VA Guy. Can we talk about the beautiful summer that we’re having right now with the nice weather and great temperatures? You can see why there are so many people that want to move to the Pacific Northwest. We are seeing some encouraging things moving forward in the market right now. It’s still hot. Clark County is one of the hottest markets around right now. I can go through and see stuff in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho and Clark County is just exploding and booming. This has been happening for many years now because it is a desirable place. That slow down and lack of building, lack of availability is happening within key price points. We are seeing it on houses all the way up from $500K-$700K. There is just not enough available inventory in that price range for the amount of people that are waiting for them. I’d love to go through and help you. My team and I area ready. Anything VA or otherwise, we are here for you.

Southwest Washington – July 12th, 2023 – VA Home Loans – Vancouver, WA – Clark County’s Growth But Lack of Housing Inventory

Coming at you again this week to talk about Clark County as a whole and what has been going on in our community as we’ve seen things in the whole country overall starting to change. Clark County is still a very desirable place to come to. I know we still see the majority of the residents coming from California. I probably will never stop saying that. We also of course still see people jumping across the river from Oregon due to tax benefits, safety concerns, and what have you. That isn’t going to stop. Our employment rates in Clark County are awesome compared to a lot of other places in the country and our values are seemingly holding whereas in other parts they are dipping. If you follow the numbers going back to 2019, pre-Covid, we are still in an upward tick in Clark County. In the country as a whole, there are a lot of negative effects going on with rates increasing. Like I’ve said, if you drive around there’s not very many houses for sale. Although there are still a lot of people that wish they could get into a house. We are still seeing multiple offers coming in and I don’t really see that stopping anytime soon. I think rates will be pressured throughout the remaining course of this year. Next year though is an election year. Every time there is an election year, there’s always positive information with rates. The last five presidential elections rates have slid downward up to that point.

      So, Clark County will continue being desirable. Places like Kalama, Washington, Woodland, Washington, and Ridgefield, Washington are the hot spots right now and I think we will continue to see our community grow.

Southwest Washington – June 27, 2023 – VA Home Loans – Vancouver, WA – Immense Growth is Happening

 Kerry Greenwald here, your NW VA Guy. Today I want to talk to you about Vancouver, Washington and the immense growth that is happening. Back in 2000, the population in Vancouver was 143,000. Fast forward to current times and we are approaching that 200,000 mark. So yes, it’s growing and yes, it will continue to grow. Vancouver, Washington is such a desirable area with great employment and obviously low taxes by not having income tax in Washington State. It’s always going to be an attractive area to move to. I think that will be something that continues as we move forward in the coming years. It’s crazy to think that some estimates on population growth are saying that there will be 100,000 more people living in the city limits of Vancouver within the next 12-15 years. It’s pretty crazy to look at where those people are going to come from and where they are going to go. You’ll continue to see stuff downtown going up. It’s growing above the ground and the suburbs around Vancouver will continue to be extremely popular through this growth. Vancouver will constantly be the hub, and everything else around it will feed off of that. So, I think that will continue going forward in the future. I’m excited to watch Vancouver grow, watch the waterfront continue to expand, watch business continue to move, in and just see what Vancouver, Washington is going to look like in the future. Any questions, please reach out to me and my team! Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. We’ll give you weekly updates to what’s going on in Clark County and the surrounding area. 

June 20, 2023 | Kerry N. Greenwald | NMLS#70269

Hey Clark County, it’s Kerry Greenwald, your NW VA Guy. I’m here today to talk about current events and situations within our county. We see some ups and downs as we are coming into the beginning of summer. Things will go through and start booming just from that affect. With school ending, there’s more opportunity to create movement. In this county we still have a supply and demand issue. There are just not enough houses available for how many people that want them. If you are in certain categories and price ranges, the houses are being nabbed up really quickly. We are also still getting multiple offers. This has slowed down a bit from what it was just a couple of months ago, but good things are still happening. I think that the Battle Ground, Washington area, Woodland, Washington, all seem extremely hot right now. I think that will continue with anything along the I-5 corridor. I know I say this every time, but I do think it will continue being a great place to buy. My team is here for you with anything you need. Definitely subscribe to our channel so you can get my weekly updates. I try to update everything on Clark County weekly and give you new insight of anything that is going on. Reach out to us anytime!

 June 13th, 2023 | Kerry N. Greenwald | NMLS#70269 | Clark County / Southwest Washington Update

Today, I’m coming at you to talk about some big things that are happening in Clark County. The big event that is taking place in Vancouver, Washington is Terminal One has been approved to go through and be completed. It’s officially going to happen. So, what is Terminal One? It’s going to be right there on the Columbia River and they’re going to invest private funds to create this project. It’s going to cost them $30 million to do the cleanup, renovations, tear down and then they’re going to spend another $35 million to turn it into a marketplace. It’s going to be down there on the river next to everything else. They’re expanding what Vancouver, WA is going to look like and what that footprint will look like in the future. You can see what has already happened at the waterfront and how much that’s improved the surrounding areas. It has driven business, ecommerce and much more. To create a marketplace in downtown Vancouver, Washington is going to be huge. The completion date has been announced as sometime in 2027 or possibly 2028. When you are investing that much private money into a local economy, you’re going to have a ripple effect from all the surrounding suburbs and neighborhoods. It’s going to drive business to Clark County as a whole. So, we’re proud that Vancouver is going through and getting that going. There’s been a lot going into completing the waterfront and it has been a hugely positive thing overall. So, let’s finish up that project and drive more business into Vancouver. We all love that.

June 6th, 2023 | Kerry N. Greenwald | NMLS#70269

Hey Clark County, your NW VA Guy here to help answer some questions about the latest going on with VA loans. Some positive upticks this last weekend. We got 4 contracts that came in, government contracts on VA. This is a big deal right now. We’ve had a hard time going through and getting stuff accepted just because the first thing when there is a lack of inventory is they are going to accept that conventional deal or the cash offer obviously. Government loans are the 2nd and 3rd options. So, it’s good news to see contracts going through and not having multiple offers on a property, having one maybe two offers show a positive trend. I think rates have had a lot to do with this. I definitely think it is a great time to go through and do something. We are still watching the explosion happen. One of our transactions was in Camas, WA, one in Vancouver, Washington and we’re still seeing things happening all the way up into Woodland, WA. Kalama, WA has been a big area seeing new growth and obviously Ridgefield, WA and Battle Ground, Washington are always going to be one and two in that regard. I think the county will continue to keep growing as rates start falling like they are right now, and I think we will have more positive activity happen later on this year. If you have any questions, please reach out to me or my team. You can email us at We would love to go through and answer any of your questions.

May 30th , 2023 | Kerry N. Greenwald | NMLS#70269 | Clark County / Southwest Washington Update

How will the negotiation and settlement of the debt ceiling affect Clark County and the surrounding areas of Vancouver, Washington, Ridgefield, Washington, Woodland, Washington, and Longview, Washington? How is that going to affect our overall local market? We’ve been driven off crazy lately in Clark County. All these areas from Battle Ground, WA to Hockinson are absolutely exploding with neighborhoods going in. Then again, if you do an aerial shot, just the open farmland and the capability of continued growth is immense. I still think that along the I5 corridor is where we are going to see the most growth happening. Mostly in Ridgefield, WA and up into La Center, Washington. La Center, WA is kind of landlocked for what can go through and happen, but I think that’s where we are going to get biggest growth factors. So, with the debt ceiling coming, what affect is that going to have? Well, we think rates have basically climaxed just from the negotiations that were going through. There won’t be a law signed until probably the 5th of next month, but that isn’t very far away. So, when that starts happening, we should start getting slight improvement in rates. I think that’s something that’s coming, and my fingers are crossed. I didn’t think we’d get up into this high range where we are right now, but here we go again this is the third time. First in November, then in the beginning of February and now we’ve peaked again. We definitely want to get off of that number and get more stimulation or more value factors so people can go through and buy. So, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. It is a very difficult market, difficult time and good luck on trying to time it perfectly. That is virtually impossible. But we’re all here and we’re all trying to guess what is going to happen next.


May 25th, 2023 | Kerry N. Greenwald | NMLS#70269

The current market conditions for VA home loan purchases in Woodland, Washington are favorable for potential buyers. Woodland, WA. is a scenic city located in the southwestern part of the state, offering a mix of rural charm and convenient access to urban amenities.

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Woodland’s, WA. real estate market was experiencing steady growth, with a balanced inventory of homes available for sale. The city’s proximity to major employment centers like Vancouver, WA. and Portland, OR makes it an attractive location for homebuyers.

Given the low interest rates typically associated with VA home loans, qualified buyers have an opportunity to secure affordable financing options. The VA loan program provides eligible veterans and active-duty service members with favorable terms, such as no down payment requirements and competitive interest rates.

It is important to note that market conditions can change over time, so it is recommended to consult with a local real estate agent or lender for the most up-to-date information on Woodland’s current market trends, housing inventory, and VA loan availability.

May 23rd, 2023 | Kerry N. Greenwald | NMLS#70269

Southwest Washington as a whole, we keep talking about it. Our biggest entry point of people moving into our state in this area is coming from Oregon. That has been the number one driving factor that’s come from across the river. I spent this last weekend driving out in the countryside here and you can see the exploding areas in Ridgefield, WA, Battle Ground, WA and all the way out to Woodland, WA and Kalama, WA. You’re seeing an expansion that’s continuing to take place. Despite this, over the last year there haven’t been a lot of new rooftops that have popped up. I got a statistic from the Ridgefield School District that over the entire course of the year, they added 6 new students. All year. Just two years ago they were averaging almost 6 increased students on a weekly basis. I don’t necessarily know if this means the growth isn’t happening or if other things are happening, but that’s a sign that definitely shows there has been a slowdown in new rooftops popping up. You are seeing Camas, Washington, and the surrounding areas along the I5 corridor continue to explode. We’ve seen a lot of transactions happening around Kalama, WA and I think that area will continue to grow moving forward. We are seeing a lot of opportunities all the way up in the Longview, WA and Kelso, WA areas. You are seeing houses $150K to $200K less than that same house in the Vancouver Metro area. That is a huge key factor for people. I do think people will continue moving across the river for safety reasons, tax purposes, and all sorts of things. Southwest Washington is going to continue to explode in each area. So definitely reach out to us. VA is our passion. If you are looking for a VA Purchase, 100% Cash-Out Refinance or 90% Debt Consolidation loan to pay off debt, we can help with it all. I know rates are higher right now, but if you’re paying a lot of money on car loans or credit cards it makes complete sense to consolidate it all. Hopefully in the near future we will be doing the streamlines as rates start coming down on VA. Keeping everything entrenched in that VA system is going to be key. Creekside Mortgage is always here to help so reach out to the Greenwald Team at any time.