This nation’s pride and joy, our military veterans, have put their lives on the line for the rights and values we hold dear. It’s no wonder we have no problem offering those service members the opportunity to get into housing with much more relaxed lending standards than for normal civilians.

The VA loan program gives our valiant services members the option of buying a home with zero money down and consistently allows borrowers to get interest rates that are much lower than conventional rates.

Nearly 8 out of 10 VA borrowers would not have been able to qualify for a home using conventional financing. That means that 504,000 families last year, were able to move into homes all because the VA loan program was their to help.

Besides not requiring a down payment, the loan also has looser restrictions on credit scores. A Veteran can be considered for a VA loan with a score as low as 620. You may be considered for a conventional loan with a 620 credit score, but your interest rate will be very negatively impacted.

You’d expect there to be a higher rate of foreclosure with this easier to obtain loan, but the VA loan has out performed nearly all other loan programs for the last several years. It goes to show that if we can trust them to fight for us, we can trust them to manage their own finances just as well.

In fact, our economy depends on this amazing group. Of all the loans closed last month, VA loans made up nearly 14 percent. Imagine where all 504,000 Veterans would be if they couldn’t find financing through the VA loan program.

Creekside Mortgage, Inc is proud to give back to our military servicemen by helping them get financing using the VA loan program. Call us today at 1.800.920.5420.