Preferred VA Realtor Vancouver WA- Robin Conrad

  • Built 160 homes.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology. Police Officer for seven years.
  • 20 Yrs. U. S. Army Iraq 2010 as Combat Adviser and qualified:
  • Closed over 1000 VA homes in Clark County WA.
  • Military Police, K-9 Specialist, Infantry, Drill Sgt., Recruiter, ROTC Cadet Trainer.
  • I have managed Real Estate offices in Vancouver since 1995.
  • Hired 600+ Realtors. Trained/Counseled 1000+ Realtors.
  • Very well versed in Conventional, FHA, VA loans for Buyers.
  • Successfully dealt w/ about every type of Seller situation possible: death, divorce, relocation, downsize, up size and short sale.
  • Honest and Direct approach to Helping you with any and all of your Real Estate needs. Available24/7
  • Thank you and if you need my services I am here for you!


Robin Conrad, Real Estate Agent in Vancouver, WA | 

Robin Conrad, Real Estate Agent | RE/MAX Equity Group


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