When Judy and Murv thought about the loan they would need to fund their dream beach house, they didn’t think they were going to utilize their VA loan benefits. In fact, they thought a conventional loan was the way to go.

But, as you will read, a VA loan refinance was the option best suited for them.

Judy and Murv explain why a VA loan was right for them:

“Recently my husband and I completed construction of our dream retirement beach house. Acquiring a construction loan at a time when lending institutions were less than accommodating for home loans, we faced several challenges.

When the time came to convert from a construction loan to permanent financing, we were very fearful.

Fortunately for us, my nephew and owner of Creekside Mortgage, Kerry Greenwald, was there to guide us through the process. We assumed since it was a new build we would be financing the same as a new purchase and the best interest rate would be with a conventional loan.

We were wrong on both counts.

It was considered a re-finance and a VA loan was definitely the way to go even with over 30% equity. We saved three quarter of a percent on the interest and the loan is assumable [meaning a non-veteran can take over the loan at the time of purchase], adding a value to our property we hadn’t expected!

Kerry, Kim, Pam and the rest of the team at Creekside kept our file on track and the entire process was painless. We closed on time and now we can relax and enjoy our new home. Kerry is family, but he is also a professional that has built an amazing company and team to support his clients.” — Judy and Murv Schneider

Thanks Judy and Murv for giving us the opportunity to work with you on this loan project. We’re all so very glad that you now have your dream home!