So Clark County continues to grow. We’re watching a lot of activity especially in the Ridgefield area. Even in the Battleground outskirts you’re still seeing development go through and happen. VA loans have been extremely popular in these areas and continue to increase with the market changing. It’s going more away from a sellers’ market to a buyers’ market and they’re accepting of more VA transactions and things are going

through and taking place. So, definitely don’t let anyone talk

you out of your VA rights. If you ever get someone in there, make sure that you go through and you keep that to your advantage. One thing that people aren’t aware of is you can have a secondary VA loan now. The VA limits have increased dramatically and are now over $726,000. So if you bought a VA house many, many years ago and you want to keep that house, keep it under VA. You might potentially be able to do a second VA transaction, which has been a very, very, very big deal in Clark County.

So definitely reach out to us and ask us those questions and we’re

here to help. Anything to do with the VA or other, I’d love it if you would give us a phone call, we’d love to go through and help you.

Thank you!