How the VA Loan Calculator Works

Are VA Loans difficult to understand? They can be. But, guess what? We created the best VA Loan Calculator to give you the closest estimated monthly payment possible if you decide to use the VA Loan program.  This calculator quickly and easily calculates your monthly payment with the VA funding fee, taxes, and insurance included. Play with the calculator below, then once you’re ready, give us a call or get started with our quick and easy application below.

Note: Additional requirements may be required for loans above $453,100. Please contact a loan officer at 360.571.5626 to discuss payment options.
Based on recent rates and your estimated credit score. Subject to change. Rates can vary.


This VA Home Loan Calculator provides a broad estimate of your monthly mortgage payments. More deductions may be available to you. Please note, this information is for your educational use only and rates and terms are subject to the policies of a lender.

VA Loan Calculator Glossary

Amount Financed: Purchase Price (-) Down Payment (+) VA Funding Fee VA Funding Fee: The VA Funding Fee is paid to the VA to help fund the program and varies depending on the type of service, loan amount, down payment and subsequent VA Loan usage.  This fee can be paid in cash, but most veterans will roll the cost of the funding fee into their monthly payments.  The VA Funding Fee is waived for veterans who have 10% or more VA Sevice Connected Disability, and surviving spouses of veterans who died in service or as a result of their service-connected disability. Estimated Taxes & Insurance: Property taxes are going to vary based on your location.  Annual homeowners insurance will also vary depending on the insurer.  Your Loan Officer can help you determine the property tax and insurance rates in your area. For a better look at the percentages of what a VA funding fee could be, check out the VA website.

Questions about whether you qualify?

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