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Based on recent rates and your estimated credit score. Subject to change. Rates can vary.


This VA Home Loan Calculator provides a broad estimate of your monthly mortgage payments. More deductions may be available to you. Please note, this information is for your educational use only and rates and terms are subject to the policies of a lender.

Our VA loan calculator can be extremely helpful when trying to calculate your estimated fees. The process of buying a home can be daunting but with useful resources like this, we can help make that process smooth and predictable.

Considering buying a home but aren’t sure where to start? With the help of our VA loan calculator, you can get a headstart with the home buying process. We’ve designed this VA loan calculator to help guide you. If along the way, you come up with any questions – feel free to reach out to our office. Our loan specialists can help you!

How the VA Loan Calculator Works

Are VA Loans difficult to understand? They can be. But, guess what? We created the best VA Loan Calculator to give you the closest estimated monthly payment possible – if you decide to use the VA Loan program.  

Our VA loan calculator quickly and easily calculates your monthly payment with the VA funding fee, taxes, and insurance included.

Be prepared to put in the necessary information. You will have to include the type of loan that you’re seeking, your military experience – regularly or reserves/national guard, the purchase price of the home that you’re considering, and the estimated rate which is based on recent rates and your estimated credit score. Remember, that the estimated rate can change or vary.

Estimate how long your loan term will be, most are 15 or 30 years. Determine how much money you may be able to put towards a down payment. This will help calculate how much your monthly payment will be. It may be helpful to look up your areas property taxes as well as consult with an insurance agent about a quote. After a couple of other basic questions, our VA loan calculator will provide you with your estimated monthly payment which includes taxes and insurance rates.

Play with the calculator, then once you’re ready, give us a call or get started with our quick and easy application below. We can then discuss any questions that you might have as well as breakdown what your estimated fees will be.

What won’t change: The main part about your VA loan is the principal and interest payment – that is one thing that can never change or adjust over time, as long as you’re not in an adjustable rate. Here at Creekside Mortgage, we prefer not to do adjustable rates.

What may change: As unfortunate as it is, our taxes and insurance can change over time. Your property taxes may go up over time and your insurance rates may increase – there’s no way to control it. However, it can be helpful to familiarize yourself with property taxes and insurance rates so that you know what to expect.

These will overall affect your payment and increase the amount that is required in your escrow account. You can find individual taxes in the state of Washington, per each county. Simply, divide that number by twelve and you can come up with your average monthly payment.

The same thing can be done with your insurance rates. Talk with an insurance agent about an estimated quote for what the monthly rates would be. An insurance agent can take all of the necessary information and explain to you what your insurance expenses will look like. They may also be able to provide information on what could cause the rate to increase or decrease – this way, you can be prepared for any changes that may take place in the future. It is always better to expect things like this, so best to speak with a qualified agent.

VA Loan Calculator Glossary

VA loans and home mortgages can be tricky to understand. There are a lot of different terms that you may hear when going through this process which may be confusing or hard to remember. Thankfully, you can refer to our VA loan calculator glossary below which outlines some of the most important terms that you should be aware of.

However, if there are terms throughout this page that aren’t covered below, feel free to reach out to our office. One of our VA loan specialists can answer any questions that you might have.

Adjustable rate: An adjustable rate mortgage is a home loan with an interest rate that can change periodically. This means that your monthly payment may go up or down. So, whatever the interest rate is on the outstanding balance of the loan, it may fluctuate.

Amount Financed: Purchase Price (-) Down Payment (+) VA Funding Fee

VA Funding Fee: The VA Funding Fee is paid to the VA to help fund the program and varies depending on the type of service, loan amount, down payment and subsequent VA Loan usage.  This fee can be paid in cash, but most veterans will roll the cost of the funding fee into their monthly payments which may be easier. The VA Funding Fee is waived for veterans who have 10% or more VA Service Connected Disability, and surviving spouses of veterans who died in service or as a result of their service-connected disability.

Estimated Taxes & Insurance: Property taxes are going to vary based on your location. Annual homeowners insurance will also vary depending on the insurer. Your Loan Officer can help you determine what the property tax and insurance rates are in your area. For a better look at the percentages of what a VA funding fee could be, check out the VA website.

Refinance: When a person wants to refinance, they are doing so to allow themselves to obtain a better interest rate and term. The original loan will be paid off so that the second (or refinance) loan can be created. Refinancing depends on a number of things including interest rates, closing costs and how many years will remain on the house loan.

VA Debt Consolidation Refinance: If there is equity in your home and you’re eligible for benefits, then a VA cash-out refinance loan may be an option to consolidate some of the debt. The balance of the loan will likely increase but it can be helpful.

100% Cash-Out Refinance: This refinancing option is difficult because there is often a limit but it is not impossible to get. 100% of the home’s value will be granted via loan.

Questions About Qualifying?

Speak with a VA Loan Specialist right now about your unique situation and your home loan goals. We’re happy to go over our VA loan calculator with you and answer any questions that you may have. Calculating your estimated fees is easy! To get started, call 360.571.5626 or simply fill out our GET STARTED, no-obligation VA Home Loan quote request.

Don’t let the VA home loan process intimidate you! We are here to help you. Our VA loan calculator can help you come up with a great estimate for what your monthly fees may look like. This way you can get a better idea of what your future looks like.

Questions about whether you qualify?

Speak with a VA Loan Specialist right now about your unique situation and your home loan goals. To get started, call 360.571.5626 or simply fill out our GET STARTED, no-obligation VA Home Loan quote request