For veterans and service members, the VA allows financing of up to $4 million with a remarkable feature of 100% financing. This is a significant advantage, especially for those who qualify based on their entitlement. However, it’s crucial to be aware of potential challenges. Veterans with entitlement shortages, perhaps due to a previous VA loan or loss, might find themselves needing to bring in a down payment to cover the difference.

An important threshold to keep in mind is the VA loan limit, which is set at $766,550 in 2024. Any loan exceeding this limit falls into the category of a Jumbo loan. Jumbo loans, including those for million-dollar homes, have distinct underwriting requirements compared to regular VA loans and often come with higher interest rates.

When contemplating a million-dollar home purchase in Idaho using a VA loan, veterans should assess their entitlement status, potential down payment requirements, and the implications of entering the realm of Jumbo loans. Understanding these intricacies is crucial, and seeking guidance from a knowledgeable VA home loan expert, such as a broker or lender, is highly recommended.

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