For most people, buying a home is a very important decision that is only made a few times in a lifetime. So how is the average person supposed to know all the possibilities and options available when buying a home? You simply can’t because it’s not your job, and that’s why we highly recommend using a realtor.

Good realtors usually have years of experience and know the area you want to buy in very well. It’s their job to get you a good deal and they do it for people everyday.


More than just being experienced, realtors also have some extra resources that can help you. For example, they usually will have a network of mortgage and real estate professionals that can help you as you select a home. They also have access to the Multiple Listing Service, or MLS which has information about homes in your area that you don’t always have access to online.

Buyer’s Agent

A realtor is on your side, technically speaking, the realtor is called the buyer’s agent. Your real estate agent represents you as the buyer and uses his/her experience to negotiate the sale of the house. They can work within your needs to help secure a deal that best fits your requirements and limitations.


One of the main reasons people are hesitant to use a realtor is because of cost. But sit back and relax – realtor fees are usually paid by the seller. The system is designed so that you don’t have to try to go out and conquer the world on your own, realtors are there for you.

VA Loan Experience

At Creekside Mortgage, we pride ourselves on our commitment to Veterans. When getting a VA loan, it’s important to get a realtor who has a good understanding of the VA loan. The VA loan has something called minimum property requirements, or MPRs. MPRs are standards that the VA says a home must meet in order to qualify for their loan program. VA experienced realtors can help you avoid the most common MPR violations – saving you a lot of time and headache.

We have a network of realtors that we trust and highly recommend to our clients. They have prior military service and lots of home buying experience. You can get visit our list of prefered realtors here to find one in your area.

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