On the evening of Thurday, June 4, at 6pm, I will be conducting a seminar at New Tradition Homes (11815 NE 113th St., Suite 100, Vancouver–right across from Prairie High School) for veterans on using VA benefits to purchase or refinance a home.  All are welcome! We are excited about spreading the word to veterans and others about the great loan you can get by using your VA benefits. Additionally, if you receive disability income from the VA, your funding fee is waived–another great reason to look into using your benefits.

I have talked with many veterans who have misconceptions about using their VA benefits a second time. The truth is, you can own multiple homes with VA home loans as long as the home you are purchasing will be your primary residence. If you have used your VA benefits to purchase a home in the past and have sold the home, you can use your VA benefit to purchase a new home; the funding fee increases for subsequent use, but everything else about the process is the same as the first time you  used your benefits. Even if you lost a home in the past that was on a VA loan, you may still be able to restore your eligibility–ask us how!

You can get into a home with $0 out-of-pocket expense on a VA loan.  Navigating the wealth of information out there can seem daunting. I am here to answer any questions you may have! We work directly with the VA in Denver, and we are able to secure a veteran’s certificate of eligibility and the fee waiver for disability benefits with no hassle to the borrower.

Right now is the time to buy! The $8,000 tax credit offer just got better! Now you can get this money immediately rather than waiting for when you file your taxes! However, there is a lot of misinformation out there on the tax credit. While many people think it is only for first-time homebuyers, those who have not owned a home in the past three years also qualify. As long as you remain in the home for three years after purchasing it, the tax credit is yours free and clear, with no pay-back penalty of any kind.

At the seminar, we will also be discussing reducing your interest rate through a refinance–if you have an existing VA mortgage, you can do a streamline refinance, lowering your interest rate–without having to have an appraisal done on your home! We will be discussing these items, and so much more!

There is a market of opportunity out there for home buyers right now. I have seen many veterans find great deals on homes they wouldn’t have found just a year ago.

Wondering if you qualify? Questions about the VA loan process or your credit rating? Come join us!

Kerry N. Greenwald, Sr. VA Loan Specialist

U.S. Army/Army Reserves