The upcoming November political race has much implications for those of us in the mortgage Industry.  Unless you work for a Bank that is.  You see the banks are not held to same High Standards that a broker is.  For a broker or loan specialist in a brokerage is held to yearly continuing education, testing, and fee’s.  Yes Fee’s.  As loan specialists and brokers we have to PAY the state that we are licensed in, in order to retain our jobs.  It should then come as no suprise then that the BIG BANKS are paying legislators to ratchet up the regulation against its main competition.  The Mortgage Brokers. 

You see, the average time for a bank to close a real estate transaction is roughly 90 days.  Yes 90 Days.  The benefits of dealing with a broker are so much more obvious than the bank option.  As specialists or brokers we have the ability to monitor the Entire loan process with the lender we are placing your loan with.  As specialists or brokers the communication lines are always open & I pride myself in Client satisfaction, and that begins with the highest level of communication.  My clients do not complain that I update them too much.  We offer more agressive pricing and have  more knowledge about the loan process to pass along to our clients.  Your lucky if you can get a return call from a large or major lending institution.  Creekside Mortgage, Inc. regularly closes transactions within 25 Days.  YES 25 DAYS !!!  I promise you, most Large lending institutions  Can NOT close a power window inside 25 days.   

So when your voting this election year……..please educate yourself.  The people that call the mortgage industry a career; the people that strive to go above and beyond at the brokerages,  the little guys..think about our livelihoods and what it is we can offer….  Think about the politicians that are getting Large sums of money from the big banks.  Its pretty obvious who they are.   Just do a little investigating and you’ll soon figure out who’s doing what, and what their agenda is.  When the legislators regulate your pay…….you have to wonder what is behind that madness and realize once again…..were being stripped of the freedoms this country was based on.  If legislators can demand that you accept their (government) health care, and they can also regulate your commission pay…….  I ask this.  Whats next America??

Kevin J. Lawson