If you are a veteran looking for a VA home loan in Twin Falls, Idaho, Creekside Mortgage, Inc is a reliable option to consider. Creekside Mortgage is a mortgage company based in the state of Idaho that specializes in assisting veterans with 100% VA home loan purchases.

What sets Creekside Mortgage apart is their dedication to serving veterans. The owner of Creekside Mortgage, Kerry Greenwald, is an Army veteran himself. With this firsthand experience, the team at Creekside Mortgage understands the unique needs and challenges veterans may face when navigating the VA home loan process.

One of the advantages of working with Creekside Mortgage is their commitment to providing excellent customer service. They strive to make the loan approval process as smooth and efficient as possible. In fact, they offer same-day approvals to ensure that veterans can move forward with their home purchase without unnecessary delays.

Creekside Mortgage also stands out by offering certain benefits to veterans. They do not charge an application fee, and they cover the cost of credit reports, making it more affordable for veterans to explore their options. By offering these services at their expense, Creekside Mortgage demonstrates their commitment to supporting veterans throughout the loan process.

With their expertise and understanding of VA home loans, Creekside Mortgage positions themselves as the go-to VA experts in the Magic Valley, ID area. If you are a veteran seeking a VA home loan, consider reaching out to Creekside Mortgage to benefit from their knowledge, personalized service, and dedication to serving veterans.