Wow, the Tri Cities, WA. have been a very popular destination to move to. A lot of people are leaving parts of Oregon and California and moving from that side of the mountains over to the Tri Cities, Washington. Basically, you have Kennewick, WA. Pasco, WA. and Richland, WA. that are the main concentration that people are moving to. I think that’s going to continue. We have a great report with a very successful agent there. Lacey Blackman, from EXP Realty just goes above and beyond. We had a couple of clients that we’ve worked with her with, and she really fought to get the sellers to go through and pay for all of their closing costs and negotiated successfully back and forth. It’s rare to have an agent that gets an accepted offer after only one or two offers. I don’t see that happen very often. The most important thing when you are going through and buying a house is to have an agent that’s going to work extra hard for you as a Veteran. Lacey Blackman has just been a blessing for us as a company. It has been wonderful to come across someone like her that works so hard and outworks the competition. So, if you are looking to VA purchase in the Tri Cities, WA. I highly recommend you use Lacey Blackman.