Hey Treasure Valley! Here we are at the end of summer. Kids are going back to school now for a lot of us. It’s been kind of a delight to get the kids back out. My wife and I certainly are enjoying it, I hope you are too. So, looking at our current market. The events happening in California right now have obviously had an impact. We’ve seen uptick in just the last week of people viewing the website and looking to move to Idaho. I think that’s going to continue. California is probably always going to be our biggest demographic of people moving here. I like to make a joke that I have yet to meet anyone in my neighborhood besides me that isn’t from California. I think this area is going to continue to be attractive. Rates have gone up pretty drastically, but you are still seeing multiple offers on houses that are in certain price categories. The cool thing about VA or government loans in general, is that if you lock into something you have the ability when rates start sliding next year to take advantage of the IRRRL and restructure your rate. So, the Treasure Valley is going to continue to be an ideal place to move and it’s certainly a hot market. It’s going to remain a hot market because of our job market. There’s so much activity going on and moving forward we will just see more of that. Please reach out to me or my team if you have any questions. We would love to go through and help you!