Hey Treasure Valley, ID. we just finished up the Parade of Homes and it was an awesome event. If you got a chance to go look at all those houses, it was unbelievable. It was great to see all the different areas in northern Meridian, ID. and out in Star, ID. It was neat to see the new construction happening all over Ada County. It’s crazy though. Anything below that $500K-$550K price range is very competitive. Once you tip over that number, it’s not competitive at all. There’s just not enough inventory of houses. You get something on the market right now that’s in the $300K-$400K range, you’re probably selling it for $50K above what it might be worth just because there’s so much demand. Once you go over that number, it’s the opposite. This will continue in our markets because of the housing shortage as we go into summer. There are just not enough available houses. It’s still one of the most desirable places to move to. I saw this great article posted a few days ago on Fox Business that was showing Ada County, Boise as the 6th best market to open a business in. This is pretty awesome because all the other cities on there were huge cities. To see that Boise, ID. is still in that category is one of the huge driving force leading people to move here and I don’t think that’s anywhere near the end. I think that will continue as we watch the whole area continue to grow. There are tons of opportunities here.