Having just spent the weekend at the beach…..Long Beach, Washington that is……on our Church camping trip at the Dunes Bibile camp….. was a fantastic time.  I believe we all get caught up in work, and the intensity, the anxiety, the stressfulness, and the daily grind.  We have to allow ourselves time to recharge.  Everyone needs a break from our jobs and to be able to get away, and enjoy something we really like with families or friends.

Our family really enjoys camping and the outdoor life in the Great NorthWest.   Regardless of your likes, or hobbies we all need to get out and enjoy our surroundings.  There is so much to do here in the Northwest, whether its fishing, or river rafting, motorcycle riding, horse trail riding and on and on……. Please dont let anyone even remotely try to tell you there is nothing to do here in the great NorthWest…..that is a bold lie if there ever was one……  Enjoy what we have at our disposal here in the Northwest……for its truly a Tidal Wave of beauty …….if you only open your eyes and heart to it…… Sometimes it can be overwhelming…….

Kevin J. Lawson