When you decide to build or buy a home, you must think about the present condition of the area in which your home will be, along with the potential of the area.

Imagine you buy a plot of land and you build, or you buy an already existing home. Well, if there are other things already on the bordering plots of land, then you probably have a good indicator of what the area will look like into the future.

However, if you purchase a plot of land and build, or buy an existing house, you should look into what may be built around you in the future. Is there a potential that something may be built that could lessen the value of your home by proximity?

While it can feel overwhelming to consider so many factors when buying your new home or building, in the long-run, you’ll feel better that you carefully considered your investment.

Here in the Clark County, the area is surrounded by two rivers and mountains, which limits the amount of growth and development that can happen. The most likely place where new development is likely to occur is along the I-5 corridor.

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