There will not be a Week in Review video this week but our hope is that this post will help make up for the missing video. Rest assured, Creekside Mortgage, Inc. will have a video post next week for your viewing pleasure.

Mortgage rates have risen to 3 month highs due to the holiday season and bond market weakness but higher rates in December is nothing new. Typically rates do rise a little in December however VA and FHA rates are still low and very competitive.

 One advantage of the winter and higher rates is that it is a good time to start looking for a house. Summer is when most homes are shown, with lawns freshly mown, windows open to see majestic views, shade trees and lots of flowers. Then comes winter, winter lets the buyer see the home in its worst state. If the home still looks appealing without the leaves and flowers, chances are you might like it in the summer too. Also, sellers who put their homes up for sale spend more time making the inside of the home appealing giving you a chance to see the home as it would look for the holidays.

Another advantage of winter is that lenders are less busy so your loan could process faster, giving you time to take advantage of winter sales on appliances and hardware specials.