Getting a mortgage can take time and you need to make sure you take certain things into consideration when preparing to buy a home.  There are things that could potentially hurt your chances of owning a home and we have compiled a list for you so you see what those things are. Not only is this a list of things to not do if you are preparing, but they are also things that you shouldn’t do after approval.  It is possible to that you could get “unapproved” and make the process take much longer or not be able to get a house at all.  Some of these may seem common sense, but we like to point them out.


Don’t quit your job before the loan funds or go on short term or long term leave.

Don’t buy a new car or brand new appliances.

Don’t get a divorce in the middle of a transaction………  that’s nasty…..

Don’t co-sign for someone to buy a car/ student loans etc.

Don’t let someone put you on as an authorized user on their credit card (they can easily be removed but say that person misses a payment the credit score gets dinged too).

Don’t use your credit cards or accounts that could affect your debt to income ratio.

Don’t transfer or deduct large amounts of $$ in the checking/savings accounts.

Don’t make late payments.

Don’t buy a bigger house that does not allow you to live.

Don’t buy too small of a house that in a few years you wish you had a bigger one. 

Don’t try and time the market, just let it happen. 

Don’t stick with a house after the inspection if it doesn’t go well, there will always be another house and if it’s meant to be it will be.


Even though there might be circumstances where you might have to do one of these things while preparing, it’s important to follow these DON’Ts as much as possible.  Keep in mind that these are not the only things to be aware of.  If there is something you question before or during the approval process, ask your Loan Officer and they will be able to advise you on what you should do. 


We will follow up next week with some DO’s that will make the process quicker and easier!