We have had a lot of people recently doing VA transactions refinancing, who were caught up in the crazy 80/20 loans from a few years ago, or just ARMs that are re-setting  in the next year. People are taking advantage of the fact that rates are so low. and Clark County WA values have settled. We even have situations of people cashing out portions of their 401k just to be able to refinance their houses and not be forced out of their homes down the road. That is something that we highly recommend because  the interest rates are going to go up in the near future. It is inevitable, and while stocks are at an all-time high, you might as well use some of those  portions to refinance your home at all cost and by all means or plan on terminating or getting rid of it down the road. It is difficult to plan on trying to refinance it in the future. Values are not going to come back that quickly. It is better to bite the bullet now and take care of it.

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