The Thanks Giving Holiday is over right?? Nope…………Not really………   How?? Why??  What you ask??…..  This my friends is the deal.  Thanks Giving merely starts the “Holidays” in my book.  You see we celebrate “Thanks” for all the great things that we have during Thanks Giving….. Give thanks over and over and over.  It really should be something we do on a daily basis.  We are for the most part very fortunate to live in the country and have the opportunities that we have at our disposal.  Though these are tough times in our minds, and eyes……try living in povery riddled parts of Africa, or in a village in the middle east.  You get the picture.

So we move on to the “Second” part of the Holidays which is Giving…….and although the “giving” part of Thanks Giving” can start immediately on or after that day, we should take the opportunity to give where giving is needed.  If we are in a position to give then we should give to those in need.  There are countless oportunities to give to veteran’s and veteran families this time of year.  Christmas signifies a certain meaning for most of us, however it should also represent a time to give back.  If you are in a position to do so, please consider doing so……and Merry Christmas to all …..and to all a Happy New Year !!!

Kevin J. Lawson