Having been in the industry long enough to see several ups and downs, this new set of changes set upon us in 2010 is not the end all.  At least for myself and the fine folks at Creekside Mortgage, Inc..  We have all tried to prepare as much as possible for the events that have unfolded and maybe some were more prepared than others here at Creekside Mortgage, Inc, however our attitudes as a group have propelled us to an altitude that will allow us to make it through the adversity that awaits us.

I had the opportunity to go to Atlantis, in the Bahama’s recently and upon my return didnt expect anything out of the norm upon returning to work.  Other than having had such an amazing time that I wish I could have stayed one more week.  I made a promise to myself prior to going.  I was going to make it through this season of change…..in which my personality allows me to embrace change, pull the positive out of it and get on with life.  Some individuals may find change a little more uncomfortable.  For those that do, I’m not exactly sure how to advise you to better look at the situation (change), however, like any adverse situation that comes your way, attitude is KING !!!  So keep that in mind while traveling through life.

I came back from vacation to find that everything was fine, we are all having to deal with the same issue’s and no one has a sense of panic or fear (at least not to my knowledge) and everyone is committed to going forward, making the charge to get to the front line’s, win our battle and go home and feast on the knowledge that we, and you can conquer what you set your mind to.  I am not saying that there wont be hardship, because anything worth succeeding at is going to be tough.   Its true, it really is.  So while your going through your day and that thought that might creep into your mind says, “this isn’t worth it”, stop and think about a couple of things. This change is good for you and the industry, if your providing sound professional and honest transaction advise,  and your morals and value’s are in the right spot.   If not you might want to look to another profession and I promise this is another “thinning of the heard” so to speak.  Every time that such change comes our way another group of loan officers, brokers and all of the support staff it takes to make it happen bail on the industry.  So, stop and think about it before you throw in the towel, unless your in it for the wrong reason to begin with, be my guest and hit the road.

Kevin Lawson