Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting Rannae Cooper, the owner of Stir Crazy Coffee, in Lacey, Washington.

Let me just say, Rannae makes great lattes! (The hazelnut, mocha I had was awesome.) I noticed within a 10 min period that every customer (and there were many  that came in) were repeat customer and I could taste the reason why! Rannae also has four other baristas that work with her to cover all their operating hours. 

Besides getting a great coffee, I was visiting Stir Krazy because Rannae had agreed to let us put up a sign representing our company: Creekside Mortgage near her coffee shop.

Our specialty is VA home loans and our greatest reward is helping our  Veterans with financing to purchase their new homes. Our mantra of Veterans helping Veterans is our mission statement and we live by that. We are a Veteran owned and operated company and that means a lot to us. Floyd Greenwald  invented our VA Loan Specialist concept in 1992  retiring  from the Army  after with  over  38 years of service.

I am retired USN and served 8 of my 20 years in the Navy with the Marines. When you call us, you will be talking to myself or one other person that works with me for the entire process, and every time you call evenings, weekends we are there.  

WE do know what it means to serve and we are honored to serve you!   We are a true brokerage for VA home loans, which means we have better pricing, lower costs and better service on your loan. We work to close every purchase or refinance in under 30 days.

Remember if you want an expert with VA, we are the #1 choice in the Pacific Northwest. 

Michael Frakes