Creekside Mortgage is a team of Veterans that prides itself on giving other Veterans the service they deserve.  Let us serve you.

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Creekside Mortgage, Inc

VA Loans in Spokane, WA

Just because we’re second in size to Seattle doesn’t mean we’re second in every way. We love Spokane, and though you may not be aware of the city motto, we’re sure you’ll agree with it – “Near Nature. Near Perfect.” Let our VA loan specialists help you with your new home needs. We are experts at helping you take advantage of your military benefits to get you into your new VA back home. We know that getting a new mortgage can be a scary thing, so let our VA home loan specialist help you. We know the process and are praised for processing and getting a VA loan funded in 30 days.

Other Areas We Serve In Washington

Not living in Spokane, that’s ok!  We are licensed to serve all over Washington. We can serve all the major cities in Washington, and all the small cities and towns all over Washington.  Just make sure to contact us so we can get you in contact with one of our preferred realtors in your area.

Home Loan Purchase

Buying a home for a Veteran is something that is a huge step.  If you are a Veteran it is possible that you moved a lot in your life and settling down might seem scary.  Well, we are here as your fellow Veterans to help you make that step to owning a home.

The VA Loan has many benefits that other mortgage programs don’t have.  For example, no down payment, no PMI, and possibly better rates.  These great benefits have been set up for you because of your great sacrifice to this country.

Home Loan Refinance

Already own a home?  Maybe you didn’t use your VA benefit the first time around? Or you just want to consolidate some debt.  Whatever it is we can help.  We will give you our honest opinion if it is a good time to refinance your current mortgage.  If it isn’t the right time, we won’t just throw you away, we will contact you when it is a good time and see if you are still interested.

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