As a company of Veterans, we are here to serve our fellow Veterans and get them into the home of their dreams

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Creekside Mortgage, Inc

Seattle, WA VA Loans 

We know that being the largest city in Washington only happened because of the amazing things Seattle has to offer. Sure the Emerald City has more than it’s share of rain, but the surrounding beauty that comes, as a result, is more than worth it. Our goal is to help you use your military benefits to get you into a new home using a VA backed home loan. Getting a mortgage can be frightening, but our VA home loan experts will walk you through every step of the process. You’ll be glad you gave us a call. We’re ready to help with VA home loan purchases, VA streamline refinances (IRRRL), and VA cash-outs. If you have any questions, just contacts us and we’ll help you out!

We know that getting a VA loan in Seattle can be difficult, that’s why using Creekside Mortgage’s VA loan experts is such an amazing opportunity for you. We have years of experience working with VA loans, which means we’re up to date with all the rules and regulations. All that really boils down to you getting a brand new home with no closing costs, some of the most competitive rates, and in faster than industry standard timing!

When it comes to getting a veteran loan for you and your military family in Seattle Washington, you can trust the experts at Creekside Mortgage, Inc. Fill out an online application today and one of our mortgage experts will reach out to you shortly.

Other Areas We Serve In Washington

Washinton is our home.  That means even if you don’t live in Seattle, WA we can serve you.  From the most northern part to the most southern part.  From the west coast to the eastern border, we can serve you.

Home Loan Purchase

A home loan purchase is tough and can be stressful.  Unfortunately, there are times when people buy a home those negative things overshadow the joy you can have when buying a home.  We believe that buying a home should be a happy memory not one of stress and anxiety.  Let us help you remember this moment as one of the best memories yet.

When using your VA benefit to purchase a home you are getting the best loan option out there.  With no mortgage insurance, no down payment required, and historically lower interest rates, you can be confident that you are getting the best deal for your dream house.  Creekside Mortgage is local and has access to the best local companies that will help you get your house. Having access to local title companies, underwriters, appriaisers, and banks, allows us to close your VA Loan faster than most other mortgage types.

Home Loan Refinance

Let’s say you own a home and you are a Veteran, but for some reason, you didn’t use your VA benefits (trust us, this happens). You can refinance using that benefit for fewer fees and possibly a better rate.   If you already used your VA benefit to purchase a home, that’s fine too!  You can use your benefit to refinance that same house!  Give us a call and we can explain the process in detail and the reasons why you might want to refinance.

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