Well….if you haven’t heard.  Robin is having a most unusual 55th year.  It seems that the Army couldn’t live with out him and thus Sgt. First Class Robin E. Conrad was mobilized in May 2009, and reported to Fort Polk, LA September 30, 2009.  HORAH!!

Now to bring you up to date, he has been at Fort Polk during this time learning all sorts of stuff a middle aged white male dreams of.  How to drive a M-rap, ( a vehicle that has two doors each weighing 900 lbs. each), being flipped over while buckled in a HUM-V, and then told to crawl out…pack around his body his personal body armor, and let’s run 4 miles….  I think the one that I love best is let’s do PT in a rain storm when not 50 yards away is a covered pavilion.

In any case he was able to come home for Thanksgiving where I personally saw he is 15 pounds lighter and those youngsters walk on the other side of the hall.  He is now back in Fort Polk where he will graduate December 10th, and then ship to Iraq.

Pam Conrad/Office Manager