Ok so were done with 2010 and were rolling into 2011.  Some of you may have met your goals for 2010…some may have not…..but to start out with goals is where it all begins.  You see…..if you have no goals, you have no path, no road map to follow no final destination. Your just driving down the freeway of life with nothing in sight.  If you set some goals out for yourself, then you will have something to look forward to.   We need to have goals in order to achieve maximum potential. 
If you have never set goals, that is ok for it is never too late.  Goals are not to be dreaded or intimidating.  They can be as simple as organizing  your garage (one of mine),  making a budget and sticking to it, eating more healthy, exercising, making more marketing calls.  Make your goals realistic.  If your married,  you can sit down with your spouse and make goals together for your family, whether it be going on vacations with the entire family or putting resources aside for college tuition.  It can be as simple as complex as you like.  Just getting them started is the main objective.  Write them out….. and read them daily.  Multiple times a day is good too. 

Kevin J. Lawson