In an interview with The Real Estate books in the fall of 2012, Kerry Greenwald was asked this question, “What do you see happening in Clark County in the next five years?”

Kerry replied, “I imagine that Clark County will experience major growth in the next five years, with the Ridgefield and La Center areas growing the most. With tax advantages, a young population, and as an attractive place for businesses, this area has the potential to really take off!”

Flash forwarding a couple years later, Ridgefield is experiencing what the Columbian newspaper calls a “Rebirth!” With acres and acres of ready to develop land, along with a prime location for businesses being right next to both the railroads and freeway, Ridgefield is slowly but surely becoming one of the more reputable towns in Clark Country.

As a current resident of Ridgefield, Greenwald expressed that, “This recent boom is a great opportunity for small to medium sized businesses to succeed due to the attractive population increases along with the ongoing residential construction projects!” With the increase in recent home sales, along with the land open for development, like Greenwald predicted, Ridgefield is about to prosper to levels incomparable in the Clark County history books!

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