Throughout our busy day we come in contact with numerous people; the degree to which we know others of course varies, however the perception of how another see’s us can determine so much.  So take into consideration your daily activities and, compress the entire work day and free time into a single snapshot.  Are you happy with what you see ?? Is there room for improvement ???  While engaging others throughout your workday did you put forth that extra effort to come across extremely happy, excited and positive?? Or did a disagreement you had with your significant other seep through to your day…….did you come across a bit negative with a bit of a sting in your personality……..?? 

For how we come across at work and outside of work may go a very long way in terms of your next sale or relationship building that you have taken months to groom.  We should not take it for granted that others will look past our imperfections, as one lousy day at the office is all it may take to break a long standing relationship that could have possibly landed you many upcoming sales or transactions.  Always be cognisant of the fact that were always on stage.  As brokers, loan officers, and real estate agents, we have to put our “A” Games on every single day and be ready for interaction with anyone at any time !!!!  And just as importantly be ready to deliver !!!! Thats what separates mediocrity from big time success.  Being able to make clutch decisions, delivery, and execution, versus choosing to go with the flow. 

Kevin J. Lawson