Q3 2019 Industry Update

Watch the video below or read the post under the video to learn more about the housing industry so far.

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As we draw near to the end of the third quarter, we are here to provide you with an update on current industry news. We are also now amidst the back to school season which is a perfect time for new beginnings! 

Back to The Bank or Creekside Mortgage?

Are you considering a refinance to adjust the terms of your loan? Throughout the course of home ownership, a lot of people experience a desire to change their loan, and when that happens, most go straight to the bank that takes their monthly mortgage payment. However, you may want to reconsider. While working with the bank isn’t necessarily a bad idea, we have more leverage! Here at Creekside, we are mortgage brokers which allows us access to a broader scope of lending products. We work hard to ensure you come out with the best rates and terms possible.  


So don’t forget to call us! With our experience, we can often get a quarter percent lower interest rate for YOU. We have your best interest at heart and we always do what it takes to get you the best deal when buying a home. 

What’s New With Interest Rates?

We’re three quarters of the way through the year and interest rates are still at an all time low. It’s never been a better time to buy a home. While school supplies and new clothes may be breaking the bank, don’t let that put buying a home on the back burner. You’ll find that interest rates have never been better. 


Quick Facts

  • Most people don’t want to move during the school year which means less people to compete with your offer.  
  • Summer is the busiest time to buy a home which means that house prices can be at their highest during the Summer. That house you’ve had your eye on all Summer will likely drop in price during the back to school season. 
  • Buyers have the upper hand during the back to school season because it’s slower. This means more flexible closing costs, closing timeline, and even buyer concession. 

Creekside Mortgage

As for Creekside announcements, we’re also preparing for back to school season but we’re still here to help you! There is no loan too small for us to advise you on. Our team of associates will give you the advice that you need to help you navigate through the home-buying process. We’re here to lend you a helping hand, just give us a call at 360.571.LOAN (5626)!