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Sr. VA Loan Specialist


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Hello and welcome!

I’m all about Veterans… it is my single marching order. I’m committed to aiding my fellow Veterans in the process of buying a home with their VA Loan benefit. To me it is truly an honor and a great responsibility. As you know there are many points to consider when deciding to buy a home. How much home can you afford? Where are the good areas to purchase? What will the cost of the loan be? We’re here to help you get answers. We have a dedicated team of experts at Creekside, and a strong network of Veteran realtors and brokers that can assist you in finding just the right home and just the right loan! I carefully explain and take all the time necessary to help you fully understand the loan process. It’s safe for you to expect to spend an hour with me on your first with a good cup of coffee and a note pad.

I’ve helped Veterans as far back as WWll and up thru present day conflicts. Now after more than 20 years in the Navy, having served as a Dental Technician Prosthetics Advanced and cross trained as a FMF Corpsman, I have learned from many great people. The 8 years I spent with the USMC helping with dental /medical needs was an honor. I gained great respect for the razor sharp military discipline and dedication to duty, which I saw in the Marines.

I retired from the Navy in 1995 and moved to the Pacific Northwest, which is where most of my wife’s family is from. I remember the day we made the decision to live here in 1980. The “new” Michael Jackson Thriller album was just out, and my wife Robin asked if we could move to Washington after the Navy. I said sure and that was that…and here we are so many years later.

After retiring from the Navy I began my new life as a dental ceramics department manager for a middle sized dental laboratory. Because of physical illness in 2003, I made a career change and was blessed to find this industry as my third career! Helping Veterans makes me feel alive and I live for that kind of satisfaction. It reminds me a little of how we felt when we would fix a patient’s smile with our prosthodontic work. On every loan I close I feel a sense of celebration with my clients; they feel like family to me. It feels like I am buying the house myself and I find I’m totally immersed in the process going through it with every person I work with. Buying a home is not just a business decision, unlike so many business decisions we make in our lives, buying a home is also an emotional decision. I understand that and so I make myself available evenings, weekends, or anytime you have a question that comes up.

Here at Creekside we are active in the communities we serve in WA, OR and ID. We  donate our time and money as a company to help Veterans. in fact, we donate 100 dollars to the designated Veterans center or similar organization in your community under your name on every VA home loan we close. We all individually volunteer our time and money to making a difference for the heroes of our time. Seeing the sacrifice of America’s sons and daughters means I must do what little I can to help them start a new life. A new home is a great start, builds history, stability, and family which are all healing components for our Veterans.

Here at Creekside Mortgage, Inc we do FHA, USDA and Conventional loans as well  as VA so be assured you will get outstanding service and be aligned with the type of loan that is right for you. I am proud to work with Creekside Mortgage, Inc and live by our motto “Veterans Helping Veterans”!