Though Creekside Mortgage, Inc. deals with the mortgage side of the real estate market, you can imagine that the flux in housing prices is something we keep a close eye on, and we think Portland’s market is coming around.

For the past nine months, housing prices have stayed relatively steady, which could signal that the Portland housing market is gaining strength.

Another key thing that we’ve noticed is houses that appeal to first time home buyers are selling fast. In this particular market, first time home buyer prices generally fall between $100K and $220K. These houses are in high demand, and that’s a good sign for the market.

It is impossible to know what the future has in store for the Portland market, but housing prices steadying out are the first sign of a market gaining strength. For now, however, it is still a buyer’s market with historically low interest rates and competitive housing prices. If you are a buyer, take advantage of the market now.

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