First of all I would  highly recommend going to any pre-move briefing available on your base.  Your military husband/wife  most likely must go to this and spouses are encouraged to attend as well.  One of the most valuable things you can do as a moving military family is get connected with a distinguished, professional realtor.  

A realtor with military familiarization, and PCS’ing  in there past is going to afford you a sense of peace when it comes to safely arriving at your intended destination.   In Spokane you have options obviously but Jeannette Karis with Re/Max of Spokane should NOT be overlooked.  Having the 2009 designation of Spokane Association of Realtors President, its my belief that you will be hard pressed to find a more highly qualified candidtate for the job of respresenting you in your transaction.

Jeannette Karis has many designations, awards, educational hours and Spokane Association of Realtors designations as well;  however what makes Jeannette Karis unique, is her passion for what she does.  Not only does she strive to insure that a active military person or a veterans transaction is smooth the entire way through, but she also sincerely cares about people that she works with.  All you have to do is spend a few minutes with Jeannette and this becomes increasingly evident.  This is but a glimpse into the reality of Jeannette’s world, as I could go on for quite sometime. 
To get to the point one must be organized in the PCS move process or you’ll soon be in over your head, you could owe money, have lost goods and have a terrible overall experience.  One way to avoid all of this is to do pro-active homework.  Get a class under your belt and locate a very professional realtor…… if your looking for one of the best.  Look no further than Jeannette Karis.

Kevin J. Lawson