Pat Johnston, realtor with RE/MAX Elite properties in Boise, ID, just got back from a trip to Israel. She said it was FABULOUS….even more than she expected it to be!  They saw all of Israel top to bottom and everything in between!  Pat wrote about her experience: “Going into Jordon was sooo cool!  We had a Jordon military officer with an owwsee accompanying us on the tour buss to Petra. I never realized it would be so beautiful there.  Orange trees, banana trees, olive, mango, almond – even the desert was gorgeous!  I pictured it flat and blowing sand, but no, it was mountainous with deep canyons etc. We stayed on the Mediterranean, the Sea of Galilee, the Red Sea and the Dead Sea. If you get the chance to go DO IT!! Tourism is HUGE and they take extremely good care of all tourists!


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