Kerry Greenwald here, your NW VA Guy. Today I’m going to talk to you about Pasco, Washington. It’s in the middle of the Tri-Cities. Pasco’s WA. population point is right dead in the middle of what Richland, WA. and Kennewick, WA. are. It’s actually pretty close to the top end. You’re looking at 32,000 people lived there just 20 years ago. Now, it’s all the way over 80,000. To watch how much growth has taken place is crazy. It was originally just a hub off of the Snake River and the Columbia River, basically just transporting things. Now it’s a metropolis, it’s a city and a lot of growth is happening. We have a lot of transactions taking place there. A lot of ex-militaries are being hired by the police department and the fire department. The city is going to continue to go through and grow.  That growth pattern is basically doubling every seven years. If that pattern continues, start doing the math on that. Look how big that city is going to be in the near future. I think the Tri-Cities WA. is a destination right now. People want to be there for economic reasons and everything else. So, Pasco, Washington is a desirable place. Any questions definitely reach out to me or my team. We love to go through and help on anything VA or otherwise.