Today I’d like to talk a little bit about some open houses I had this past weekend. We did one in Caldwell, ID. which is the main one I want to go through and talk about. It was in the historical district, right downtown. Wow, the traffic. I mean it was crazy how many people walked through that door. We were there for 3 hours, and we had 13 total people come through the house. I’ve been doing these for most weekends over the last year in Treasure Valley and I haven’t seen that type of traffic ever. A lot of eagerness too, there’s a lot of buyers. It’s not just the neighbors wanting to see what the house looks like on the remodel, but truly people that were engaged looking for houses, looking for properties. There’s just not very much inventory available. Now we’ve seen rates kind of slightly coming down, repeating where they were for a temporary time period in January of this year. I think if that activity goes through and continues, it’s going to continue to escalate and heat the markets. Still your biggest areas growing right now are going to be Kuna, ID and Star, Idaho. That’s the biggest concentration on new properties, new growth, new actions happening. But everything else throughout the Treasure Valley, Idaho will continue to be hot right now too. I think all the way up to third quarter of this year is when it’s really going to start to heat up. Inflation fears have come down to a certain diminishing factor. The feds announcing because of decline, inflation fear coming down a little bit, their activity of raising rates is kind of going away. I think there might even be a high probability by the end of the year of them lowering rates if recessionary factors continue. So great time to go through and buy. Don’t wait. I know everyone waited for this big implosion go through and happen and obviously you can see that’s not gonna happen. If anything, inventory issues are going to start pushing values up. They maintained values for a while, now we’re going to start seeing values go up based on the heat of the market. So, hope that makes sense. Please reach out to me or my team anytime. We love to go through and help you. Thanks!