We recently changed our motto to Northwest #1 VA home loan experts. It has come to my attention that many people have said: “Why stereotype or brand yourself for one product because it limits your capability of showing people you  can do  other types of loans.”   I think that being a shop that tries to do everything  is counterproductive with the mindset of society right now. People prefer the fact that there is specificity in the marketing of VA home loans.   It is unusual for a mortgage company to specialize and focus on one type of loan.  Being a VA loan lender is vital for us in our marketing in Clark County and Vancouver, WA for us to continue to be viable  in this industry, and  for us to be distinguished from everyone else.  I will continue to focus on assisting Veterans and providing the assistance necessary for them to take advantage of their VA home loan benefits.

Kerry N. Greenwald

NMLS # 70269

Sr. VA Loan Specialist

Creekside Mortgage Inc.

360-571-LOAN 5626