Are you a loan officer?? Part of the NMLS ??? Do you have any idea that your identity can be seen clearly thru the NMLS consumer system now??

 Oh,  but the public can view Mortgage Loan Originator licensing information through the NMLS Consumer Access path starting January 25th. The website (NMLS Consumer Access) will make information available about mortgage loan originators due to the SAFE Act. Information will include the NMLS Unique ID, agent’s name, business phone & fax, an indication as to whether the agent is engaged in other business as director, owner, employee, etc., any other names being used, employment history for the last 10 years, license name/number/status by jurisdiction, along with license sponsorship, and branch location associated with the individual. Brokers and agents are being encouraged to review their information in NMLS that will be made publicly available to ensure that it is how you wish the information to be represented publicly. The NMLS is a system of record for state licensure and any information submitted requires an attestation by you to its accuracy.

A trial program for placing this information on chips and implanting them in brokers  &  mortgage loan officer’s will begin soon in some parts of the nation. (OK,  just kidding,  dont get all worked up !!)  This could be seen in several lights.   A major over correction from the Fed’s in lieu of all the fallout from the economic Meltdown, derived directly  from the Sub-prime catastrophe.  Or just  a sign of the time’s.  Life will be a little difficult (GFE, RESPA changes)  and we’ll have to adjust, but go on.  Or you feel totally violated so your taking your pencils and pens, and not playing in this sandbox any longer, and going home.  Well Has-ta La-vista to you folks, and best of Luck.  It is what it is.   Get on with yourself one way or another, just GET ON !!!!