United States veterans are very important to this country. Unfortunately, it has been a struggle for some of our heroes to find employment, and who blames them? It’s difficult to jump from military culture to business professional, especially after years outside current market trends and missed experience that their non-military peers have.

Regardless of the reasons, you and I both know there’s nothing our agile military veterans can’t learn to overcome. So what can be done to help get these fantastic heroes get back into the swing of things?

Introducing the “Show Your Stripes” initiative! Clear Channel Media in partnership with Military.com and Monster are teaming up to give military veterans valuable resources to get jobs. They’re also using their own resources to spread the word that hiring veterans is a great idea.

If you are a veteran looking for work or you know of someone, visit www.showyourstripes.org. This is a fantastic resource that unites employers with U.S. veterans.

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