We just released this month’s newsletter! We know it’s later than usual, but it’s because we wanted to be able to include the announcement of our new website and video series.  

We know that the mortgage industry can sometimes be a little daunting. That’s why we’ve dedicated a lot of time to making sure you have the resources you need to be a well informed buyer. Our goal is to be reliable, so that you can depend on us to be credible resource for mortgage information.

So here is a list of resources you can expect from us…

1. A weekly update about the housing and lending market with a professional opinion about the future.

2. A weekly tip or insight about something related to getting a loan.

3. A monthly newsletter that will have videos and articles about the mortgage industry

4. A regular podcast that describes current market trends and tips about the industry

5. A regularly updated blog post that shares valuable information about getting a loan and updates about our company

6. A website that hosts all our content and tools that help you calculate mortgage payments and fill out forms.

Your life is busy, let us relieve some of that stress by supplying all the information you need to start looking for a home. Plus, if you ever want to talk to a real person, we have a live chat through our website, friendly experts waiting by the phones, and warm smiles in our office for you to physically meet.

Creekside Mortgage, Inc is a Veteran owned and operated company that will help you get the information you need to get your home. Give us a call today at 1.800.920.5420.