What comes to mind when you think of the word “negotiate”? There are lots possible reactions to this word. Many people get nervous, other people feel a sense of pride in their ability to crush the competition.

Negotiating is really about two things. The first is to create a situation where all involved parties benefit, which leads to the second – to create a situation that is better than the alternative. With that in mind we want to share a tip to help you negotiate with the seller in this seller’s market.

Get creative.

Frequently some buyers and real estate agents will get so wrapped up in price that they forget about the other options available. If a seller is set on the asking price, but you don’t want to pay it, what can you do?

My parents were looking to buy a home a few years ago. The new property had several acres of field that needed to be maintained. The current owners had a small tractor to do the up-keep. My parents negotiated with the sellers and were able to keep the tractor with the purchase of the home, and the sellers got to keep the price where they wanted it.

Try to look for creative ways to get the deal closed. Being creative will make you stand out from the other buyers, and could help you close a deal much easier than simply offering asking price.

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