Some folks out there are clever, but for all the wrong reasons. It is rumored that real estate and mortgage licensees have become the target of a scam. An individual, claiming to be a representative of the Division of Real Estate, is calling licensees and telling them that they have failed to respond to a notice sent out by the Division informing them that they are required to submit updated fingerprints. The individual warns that, due to this failure to respond, the licensee’s license is going to be suspended. The individual then claims that this is a courtesy call from the Division, that the licensee may pay a small fee to avoid having his or her license suspended, and that the fee can be paid over the phone by credit card. It was reported to me that the Division will never contact any licensee and ask for a credit card number over the phone. The only licensees who are being required to submit updated fingerprints at this time are mortgage originators who are establishing their records in the nationwide mortgage licensing system (NMLS). All required payments for this fingerprinting are handled through the NMLS website, NOT over the telephone, and anything different should probably be reported┬áto the Division of Real Estate.

Kevin J. Lawson