Today I want to spend a little bit of time talking about the market heating back up. Yes, I still believe it’s somewhat of a buyers’ market. However, there are some indications that are changing that tone. Rates are on the decline right now. They’re coming down, which is stimulating activity. We’re getting close to where the rate was right in the third week of January. So, it’s the lowest point it’s been for about I would say almost a year. Just that activity alone has a lot of pent-up people who have been waiting to go through and do something, getting excited. For example, right now I have some transactions you know in that mid $400K just below $500,000 price range in Felida. We have seen activity go through where someone will put an offer on the property and now it has nine people looking at it the following day. They’re gonna accept offers at the end of the day after those showings. That’s not something we’ve seen in the course of this last year. To see activity like this we’re going to end up with big issues in Clark County with supply and demand. There’s just not enough supply of houses based on what this little demand is going to be. If rates continue to fall slightly a little bit more, it’s going to be a lot of pent-up activity that’s going to go through and happen. So, I think Ridgefield, Battleground, all these areas right now and the exterior areas are going to be extremely hot and there’s just not enough inventory. I mean that’s the bottom line and we’re witnessing what’s going on. So be eager, list your house sooner than later. You know be more on the ball to go through and start looking for stuff. I think as we get closer to third quarter this year there’s still a lot of people that just aren’t going to want to trade their house or sell their house because they’re in such an awesome scenario on their rates and everything. Take advantage of it while you still have a little bit more opportunity. Before the market heats up even more. Any questions? Please reach out to me and my team anytime. Thank you!